Choose The Style That Suits Your Writing And Mind

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Writing has always been a part of me at some point in my life,As a child who grew up with a negative mind it wasn't hard to  adapt to something like writing,it was my talent!I could remember those days as a child when I write and write tirelessly without even understanding some of the things I write,I grew to love Diary more and more,it was more like a comfort zone to me,it was the only place I could express my feelings while letting droplets of my tears stain the sheets of my diary,I felt peace when I write but nothing made sense as a child,I wrote more than my knowledge and far beyond my understanding,

At times I just feel the need to write and I'll run immediately and pick up my diary alone in my room and I'll write,write and write,my brain always leads me.Fast forward I began writing more during my secondary school years,I wrote beautifully not like the first time I write as a child,yet I still didn't realize my talent for writing,my friends would steal my diary and  copy poems for their boyfriends, was more into the love phase then,poems were my thing,they were the most thing I loved then,I wrote indirectly and people never understood my words,I loved that people address me as "INDIRECT",I  find that oftentimes the ways by which I think and speak tend to mirror my writing (though certainly with more slang thrown in). As others have suggested,it's a matter of finding your 'voice'.

I then realized that the core tenets do hold, though, in terms of information - you want to be engaging and clear. In terms of the reader, consider how you want to communicate to them. Beyond that, it's all in your hands as a writer! It wasn't just about being indirect,i realized that being indirect has no point,if people can't understand you then you're a writer for you!  sometimes it is much easier to define things in terms of what they are not. Look for the things that you read that you would never write. Likewise, look at the things you've written that you might not have seen elsewhere.As a writer always remember that Isolating the unique is what tends to give you an eye towards stylistics.

One caveat with regards to your point at getting 'better'. It's often how you define the word, especially in the context of writing style. You would have to define for yourself what type of text you find most compelling to read, and what seems to resonate most with you.

I'm a writer with a passion for simplicity.

I wasn't a writer with an awesome vocabulary but who deliberately uses only a fraction of the words she  knows.I wasn't that good and I never engaged in creative writing class,I didn't take lessons nor try to.

The reason is that I wrote  for myself, but not for my readers.

I didn't have any readers and it never occurred to me to write for the benefit of  people.

I don't assume anything about their abilities to understand what I write,I wrote indirectly.

I wish to be sure that every one who reads me,should not understand me.

I started reading novels and surfing through a lot of apps to read novels and I saw the difference in style.

I started writing a novel in my first year at university (2018) I wrote to publish without taking lessons nor knowing how to write like a good writer,all I realized that was I wanted to write and I did.

Some good friends pushed me hard and I wrote a total different novel than the first draft,the idea just popped on my head and even though I wasn't good enough to write I still wrote,I  started writing on wattpad and I enjoyed every bit of my writings,my views were very low and I had just few likes and zero comments,I would always surf through other readers and see them having more than 1.M views and votes and there I was with no up to 50 votes and views.The more I wrote forward the more I got better and the more I get noticed,I started to get followers and comments and I just knew I was doing a great job from then,it pushed me even harder to write,even though the first few chapters were very boring.

I became  a writer with a passion for uniqueness.

The reason is that I learn to write, not for myself anymore,but for my readers.

I wish to be sure that every one who reads me, understands me right in the first reading and no one should feel the need to reach out for a dictionary,

I like to write short sentences. I like to space out these short sentences.

The reason is that I learnt  that many people are reading me on small screens.

They read on their smart phones, and tablets.

Writing like this improves readability.

Besides I try to be a writer who wants to convey what is in her mind to another mind using the shortest path.

I have never sought to impress another person with the extent of my knowledge or my language skills.

All through my writing experience I found out that big words are taboo and bombastic expressions are taboo too,it was one thing but a big deal that drives away more readers. I'd see some readers complain on other authors about their grammar and was one thing that upsets the readers,to read and not understand was a total waste of time.

To write and to be read,you need to choose the style that suits your writing and mind the most before you set it out for others to read,you need to be attractive and most importantly unique,you need to understand the needs and likes  of your readers,ask them what they think about your book and what to be added and removed,it helps both parties a lot more, consider writing as a market deal just like Buyers demand goods and services and sellers supply goods and services.just like a seller's market is when demand for real property is higher than the number of homes to satisfy this demand,as a writer and the seller you need to satisfy the demand of your readers,as  an upcoming writer you should know  that an important trade for reader's attention is providing them with enough high-quality, relatable and relevant content to stick with you as their go-to reading books.This includes creating good content pieces that make them pause or go-through to a content piece when scrolling through their Bookshelf.

To keep it simple, if you are just about to start composing a poem..choose a simple topic which is close to your heart ,Don't think too much about adorning the same with heavy words or ornamental phrases. Try to keep it simple and pour in whatever comes to your heart... One simple thing I used to do was framing a line first and then composing the rest of the lines by adhering to the rhyme of the first line. Though, poems can also be rhyme free but to start with, composing a rhyming poem is both fun and challenge.

Note the below mentioned simple lines which don't have a rhyming scheme.

"Have you seen the Sunset and Sunrise,

And the Horizon that's a prize,

How the colors mix and melt ,

And look as soft as physical touch felt,

Like the language of affirmation in love,

How they float away into black…."

Through my writing experience I've learned that not getting to the point sometimes and beating around the bush with too many preliminaries.

Lack of brevity, needless digression. Writing more than necessary.

Including answers to questions that were not asked.Not being able to completely eliminate typos is not a big problem because Some readers suffer from a blind spot. The eyes go over the errors smoothly and fail to notice them,don't consider that a problem because no one is perfect and moreover it could be a typing error.strike for the food!be a good writer for you and for your readers,don't let others make you discourage,you're worth it!

That said, here is something to start with as a starter.I suggest that you engage in text by analyzing its form. This can be done with something as short as a paragraph, or as long as an entire book.

For the upcoming writers I'd  like to give some few advices about my journey as a writer;

Start with a story — If you have a compelling storyline or main character in mind, start there.

Use personal experiences — Something that happened in your life can help you start a story. Taking our own stories and transforming them into fiction writing can create true masterpieces because the feeling in the writing is personal.

Consider a hot topic — Is there a political or social issue that is important to you? Weave that into compelling prose to start your story.

Always remover to Write about what you know. Beginning writers always get told 'write what you know', but it's a  good advice. ..Write about what you don't know. ..Read widely and well. Hook your readers,Get your characters talking

Show rather than tell,Get it right first time and Keep polishing!

And lastly always keep in check of your

What kind of punctuation is used - and in that regard, how does this punctuation help set the particular tone of the text at hand?
Are sentences short? Long? Medium length?
How does each contribute to the flow of the work?

Flow: How does information connect from one sentence to the next?
Do you see words repeated too often?
Are there jumps between sentences, or awkward transitions between paragraphs or lengthier passages?

Structural cues:Where do you see a beginning to the text at hand?
Does it include something to the lines of contextual information, a sense of significance, a notion of a 'roadmap' to follow, or a central theme?
How does each passage or paragraph begin and end?

Concision: How many words does it take to get a meaning across?
What kind of information is left to the reader to infer?

Always remember that writing is fun and you have to  write to be a writer,keep pushing hard and you'll get it right, remember write not for yourself but for the people (readers) you'll not always get it at first,I wrote my first book "AMAANI" (on wattpad) and I went from zero likes,views,comments and followers to more than 13k views and more than 5k likes and today I'm a success because of it,my hard work has been noticed and appreciated by a lot of people from around the world, I've been invited by different companies to write on  their platforms…a-lot of opportunities will come your way without you even noticing and it is the best feeling one could get,to be read,love and appreciated!!!

I am a writer with passion by choice and I find peace in writing, Writing  makes me busy. It gives my days meaning, and reasons not to give up. It makes sure that I don't sit around all day watching television and being entirely unproductive. It gives me reasons   to sit in my bed all day and never do anything else. It makes It gives me reasons to feel every emotion I can, do every experience I can, just to create better and more accurate stories.

I was once a writer who had a zero read,likes and votes and today with the help of no one but ALLAH,I am achieving my dreams,my goals! ALHAMDULILLAH. I am more than halfway through and happy that I picked that pen and plain sheet-it all began there because I wrote,I write and I'm still writing to achieve my goals and deliver my messages(lesson),I wrote two complete books and with the intention of publishing the fourth and fifth which is currently ongoing.

Pick up that pen and plain sheet today to make a difference in your life,it could be one small thing but a big step and a way to success.You can do it and you'll achieve your goals,always remember that you don't have to tell people about your successes or plans,let them read your books without knowing you're the person behind the words,let them see you succeed with just a pen and plain sheet,you're a doctor in the world  of words  and your words could be a healer and make a great impact on the lives of others.You're worth it.