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Love started with Lust

by John H

Feb 13 2023

"Ah... dear... Hold me tightly..." In the bathroom, bursts of wheezing came faintly. Lucy was holding the washbasin with her hands, half bent and cocked up her peach hips. Her husband Aaron was behind her and made an all-out attack ......... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Love started with Lust or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1

  "Ah...dear...Hold me tightly..."

  In the bathroom,bursts of wheezing came faintly.

  Lucy was holding the washbasin with her hands,half bent and cocked up her peach hips.Her husband Aaron was behind her and made an all-out attack.

  Her delicate back was covered with sweet sweat.A dark rose petal tattoo on her waist became quite attracting,at this time,it was dazzling black under the dazzling light.

  Lucy is a stunning woman.She is only 26 this year who has a beautiful face and an excellent figure:Full of snow-white breasts,a thin waist that can be held by one hand,sexy and enchanting hips,and a pair of long legs that people can't help feeling at a glance.So that every time Aaron'be tender'with Lucy,he seems extremely powerless.

  When Lucy's lower body contracted and tightened from time to time,Aaron,who had not resisted for three minutes,quickly disarmed and surrendered with a low roar.

  "Dear,I'm so comfortable..."although Lucy was dissatisfied,in order not to let her husband have a sense of inferiority,she could only resist the itching from the depths of her delicate body,and her white-in-red face pretended to be a picture of unfinished meaning.

  "Hey,your husband,I'm the most intrepid man in the world."Aaron does IT work and has a simple personality.He doesn't understand Lucy's inner thoughts at all.

  "Baby,I'm going on a formal business trip tomorrow.I'll be back in half a year.Then I'll be promoted and raised.We'll soon be able to collect the down payment to buy a house."

  "I know.Have a good rest.I'll make you breakfast tomorrow morning."Facing her husband who was addicted to work,a trace of loss flashed in Lucy's eyes.

  On the last night of their separation,Aaron fell asleep after he had a good time.The empty and lonely Lucy lost sleep.

  Over the years of marriage,she has really experienced"women's happiness"only a few times.After graduating from normal university,Lucy entered the school as a teacher.Because of the aura of her position,she always abides by morality and adheres to women's morality.Even thousands of the days and nights of the physical discontent did not make her think about cheating.

  Recalling the picture of her husband entering her body in the bathroom just now,Lucy gradually blurred her eyes and hummed with her attractive red lips.The two long legs couldn't help rubbing back and forth.She quietly lifted up her nightdress and black lace underwear and took them off to her slender legs

  "Hum..."with her fingers effortlessly entering a wet swamp,Lucy whispered and gasped,and became self satisfied

  The next day she was woken up and felt something stuffed under her.She felt very uncomfortable.Don't think she knew it was her husband.He has a quirk,that is,he likes to sneak on her after morning mood.

  She slept heavily.Sometimes she thought it was a dream.When she woke up,she found out that she had been done by her husband.She actually had a problem with it,because the man held his urine all night when he got up in the morning.Who knows whether he came out or peed.If it's urine,how dirty it is!

  And her body is not ready.Her husband makes her like that.She is astringent and has a bad experience.

  She didn't go to bed until very late last night.She was too tired,so she continued to pretend to sleep and was tossed by her husband.

  This time it was a little longer than last night.Lucy was hooked up by him.Later,she responded to him.But it was only a while before she was comfortable,he was finished again.Lucy was so upset that he was full of resentment,but she had to pretend to be full and get up to make breakfast for him.

  After sending Aaron to the airport,Lucy remembered that today was the weekend.She had planned to visit David's home.

  David is a sophomore this year.He has good character and excellent grades.But recently,he has often been listless in class and his test scores have plummeted.

  Lucy likes David best on weekdays.As a head teacher,she has the great responsibility,so she decided to visit his home today to communicate with the children's parents.

  After several bus trips,when Lucy was about to arrive at David's house,the originally cloudless sky suddenly covered with dark clouds and rained cats and dogs.This sudden encounter immediately made Lucy a little flustered.

  Without an umbrella and no temporary shelter nearby,she simply ran into the community.Finally,Lucy stopped under the eaves of the door of a villa and rang the doorbell.

  "Who?Wait a minute."Andrew,who had just returned from the company,had not had time to call his grandson David to do his homework.When he heard that there were guests outside,Jiao hurried to open the door.

  As soon as the gate opened,he was stunned.Outside the door stood a young woman,her upper white shirt had been soaked by rain,and her inner underwear was wrapped.The outline of 34D was clearly visible.Perhaps it was the itching of the body caused by the rain.While the woman was standing,the pair of peerless beautiful legs tightly restrained by the black sheath dress couldn't help but linger slightly with each other.

Chapter 2

  "Is this David's home?I'm Mrs.James,the head teacher of David.I'm here to visit his family today."

  It wasn't until Lucy took the initiative to speak that Andrew lost his mind.

  "Hello,Mrs.James.I'm David's grandfather."Andrew beckons her to enter the room,but still stares at her collar.The two huge breasts,accompanied by the panting of the woman,made him unable to move his eyes for a while.

  "It's sunny in the morning,but it turns out to be changeable."On her first visit home,Lucy blushed with embarrassment.

  She has long found that David's eyes are not serious,but there is no man in the world who doesn't like erotic.She can only complain about God,making her whole body too exposed.

  "Mrs.James,why don't you take a bath,or you'll catch a cold."

  The whole body is wet,even if entered also have no place to sit,Lucy hesitates for a moment,still nods finally.

  The space in the bathroom is larger than that of the ordinary master bedroom.Lucy is surprised,and doesn't find that the decoration on the other side is not the wall,but the translucent frosting.

  A woman's curve passes through the translucent glass.Although the details are not clear,the movements of raising her hand and rubbing her hands can be seen at a glance.Even touching a pair of"sharp weapons"in front of her chest can be seen vaguely.

  Opposite the bathroom is the open kitchen on the first floor of the villa.Andrew squinted and aimed at that position.His head was hot,and his private part swelled close to the explosion.

  Lucy rubbed her hands in front of her chest,repeatedly,back and forth.The slight friction made Andrew's hands slow down.

  Andrew lost his wife in his early years.Later,he became addicted to work and managed the largest security company in the city.Until today,he met Lucy and the hormone accumulated in his heart for many years broke out.

  Lucy’s smooth hands touch her smooth hips,and she thinks of meeting Aaron in the bathroom last night.Her face turns red and she scolds herself for being shameless.At the same time,she is more excited.

  Thinking of this,she pressed her ruddy buttocks and couldn't help falling a little further to reach the black mysterious forest.

  "Mrs.James,I brought you a dress and an unopened bath towel."Andrew's voice rang out of the door,making Lucy who was immersed in fantasy,stop quickly.

  "Thank you,Mr.Hill."

  She opened a little crack in the door and stretched out her wet hand.But because she was close to the door,her body was close to the glass,so she was seen more clearly.

  Andrew didn't waste any second.He swept the young female teacher's body through the glass,full,moist and attractive.

  But he said:"Clothes are the only one left by David's mother.Mrs.James,you can make do with it first.We have a dryer at home.You can give me the clothes you change,and you can change them later."

  "Please."With crimson complexion,Lucy handed his shirt,skirt,underwear to Andrew one by one.

  "No trouble,there is a hair dryer in the bathroom.Mrs.James,you can blow your hair before you come out."

  Lucy closed the door again,but before she closed it,her beautiful eyes blinked and she found that Andrew,who was about to turn away,had an erection.

  "Am I right?......

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