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Love You Against the World

by NovelBee

September 10 2022

"No, I didn't lie; I didn't lie to you at all..." "Stop pretending, Cynthia Lewin! You know what? You really disgust me!" In Eason Chinn's mind, Cynthia is a most unscrupulous, most cunning, and most mercenary woman. All is her deceit and conspiracy. When the full story comes out, however, he prefers that she's really been lying to him. The funeral, mingled with the howling wind and the chilly snow that day, froze his heart ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Love You Against the World or download the app to read the entire series.

All of a sudden,the door was kicked open.

Cynthia started,and rose to her feet.Eason was approaching her step by step.

As usual,he pulled a long face,giving an intimidating aspect.

Puzzled,Cynthia took a look behind him and asked,"Where's grandma?"

"You're such a hopeless liar,Cynthia Lewin."There was strong hatred in his tone of voice."Grandma is ill because of your lie.She says she never wants to see you again.And I warn you,don't you ever attempt to make use of her kindness anymore!"

Cynthia's heart jolted."What do you mean?What about my foster mother?"

"She's done with her operation three days ago.She even paid more than two hundred thousand dollars for a best ward.And you are telling me she needs one million dollars for an operation,Cynthia.You really disappointed me.I should never believe a word of yours."

Cynthia was shocked,wondering why would her foster mother suddenly get the money for the operation,and the two hundred thousand dollars—where was it from?

It wasn't right.

The recorder,the money,it all must be part of a series of stratagems.Somebody must be behind her.It must be Malvina.She was setting her up.

Thinking of this,Cynthia became anxious and uneasy,and her heart began to cramp,which was so violent that she almost passed out.

Restraining the pain,she took Eason's arm and said in a hurry,"I knew it.It's Malvina behind all this.It must be her.The recorder,the money for the operation—it's all her plots.Trust me,Eason,she's setting me up."

"That's enough!"Eason growled,shoving her away.

Covering her stomach with both hands,Cynthia fell to the coffee table.

Her heart felt increasingly painful,and she knew if she didn't take the pills now,she might not make it.

"I can't die now,"she said to herself,"not before the truth is told and Eason finds out what a person I really am."

With trembling hands,she took out the medicine bottle,only to see it slapped away by Eason.

Eason looked at her as if she was foul-smelling garbage."Stop pretending,Cynthia.Seeing you performing really disgusts me.You want money?Alright,I'll give you one million—ten million,how about it?Please just stop it.Stop it and sign the divorce settlement,alright?"

His tone of voice broke her heart.

Tears kept running down her cheeks;she tried with difficulty to reach the bottle,but it was kicked away by Eason.

He pulled at her collar,and,glaring at her red eyes,yelled,"I said,stop pretending!"So saying,he pressed a pen into her hand,grabbed her hand and forced her to write her name on the paper.


Cynthia kept shaking her head and struggling,but it was in vain.

Tears blurred her eyes,through which she saw the man stride out of the room with the settlement in hand.

Lying on the ground,she felt her heart extremely painful,and her stomach started feeling so too.

"No!I can't die!"she screamed within herself."I must live,for my child.I must live,even in misery,for my child."

Little by little,she crawled toward the bottle,which,while was within her sight,seemed so far away and so hard to reach.

A warm flow came out from her crotch.She cried,wailed,shouted,but nobody came to help her.Gazing fixedly at the bottle,she was gradually drowned in helplessness and despair.

Eason was driving exceedingly fast,as if to give vent to his fury.

The cellphone beside him rang;he clicked the loudspeaker without looking at it.

"Miss Lewin,you're supposed come here for me to check on you and take your drugs.If you keep on like this,I'm afraid you're going to die in less than half a year;you're going to kill the child in your stomach too!"

As if struck by a bolt of lighting,Eason froze,and the car jerked to a halt.

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