【Top 5 Brokenheart Story】My Love Never Came

The marriage war is endless. He doesn't bow his head, nor does she. It has become a sharp blade of mutual torture. In the end, he understands this feeling and the feeling will bind him for a lifetime.

Dec 14 2021

"President, today is your wife's funeral."

"She finally died..."

Their eyes met each other in the dark, and his eyes were full of the girl's smiling faces.

That's Susan, seventeen. Her parents are still alive. She is a high princess.

She called shyly, "Albert..."

At that time, he said with a straight tongue, "Call me brother. Who taught you to call me by my name?"

But she grinned, "I'll call you Albert. I don't want you to be my brother."

She disappeared with her smile, and his heart was torn again......


Today was Susan's birthday.

Susan lit the candles on the cake, watching them turn to ashes.

1 a.m. in the night, there was a noise at the door.

Albert came back.

Seeing Susan sitting at the table, he came slowly and glanced at the cakes and cold dishes.

"One person's dinner?"

Susan stared at the cake and said, "Why are you back?"

The man pulled his tie impatiently, "It's none of your business."

"Divorce, I agree."

For a moment, he felt his blood clotting and turned to look at her.

"What did you say?"

"I said, we're divorced."

For a while, he asked, "Are you sure?"

Susan nodded, "Of course I'm sure."

Albert seemed a little unhappy. "Fine."

Then he turned and left without nostalgia.

When Albert reappeared, there was a document in his hand.

He put the divorce agreement on the table, looked indifferently, as if he still thought she was playing some tricks.

He knew her, and she would never let go, as usual

But this time, Susan took it directly, glanced at the terms and signed her name directly.

Turn the agreement in front of him, "Get the divorce certificate tomorrow."

The she got upstairs.

Albert stared at her back and asked the servant, "Was anything wrong with her recently?"

The servant respectfully said, "well... There's nothing special, but the diet seems lighter."

Albert frowned. "In addition to the diet, is there anything else?"

The servant shook his head, "No more..."

After the servant left, Albert went upstairs too.

The door of the bedroom was not closed. Standing at the door, he could see the woman who was packing up.

Susan closed the trunk lid and looked up at Albert at the door.

"What's up?"

Albert didn't answer, his deep eyes locked on her face.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll pick you up to get the divorce certificate."

Susan's heart pounded, and soon she smiled bitterly "I see."

She and Albert came to this step finally.

At dawn, Albert came to pick Susan up.

He didn't know that she left a divorce gift in the empty bedroom--Gastric cancer diagnosis sheet.

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