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Mrs. Hawn, Your Disguise Was Penetrated

by Mila Chan

Jan 13 2022

Chapter 1 First meet in The Howe family

  Arial city,high-speed railway station.

  A woman in white T jeans came out with a suitcase.

  She looked delicate and pretty,with flowing and slightly curly hair.Under the eyebrows,she has a pair of bright eyes,a tall nose,and cherry lips.Even a plain face made people shine at the moment.

  "Hello,are you Nora?I am The Howe family's driver."

  Nora nodded.She casually followed the driver into the car.She was so tired.

  The car left the high-speed railway station.On the way,the driver couldn't help looking at the woman with her eyes closed through the rearview mirror.

  This was Asher's fiancee.

  Who was Asher?The president of The Howe Group,who was only 21 years old,was a big boss who was highly effective and clever,and everyone was scared of him.

  It's ridiculous that Howard made an engagement for Asher with someone many years ago.However,that one turned out to be Nora,who had no background and came from the countryside by high-speed rail?

  The driver looked at Nora with a simple face and couldn't help sign.Cinderella wanted to marry into a rich family.It was difficult!

  At this time,Nora in the back row slowly opened her eyes and looked at the strange city calmly.

  The car soon arrived in The Howe family,and the driver carried Nora's luggage.

  As soon as Nora entered the door,she was stopped.A lady stood at the door.That woman glanced up and down disdainfully at Nora.


  "Madame,here we come."

  Lynn,who was the maid of the Howe family,holding a bottle of disinfectant in her hand,sprayed Nora all over her body.

  Madge said,"As well as the shoes and hair,you can't forget anywhere."

  The pungent smell came to Nora.Nora covered her face with her hands and said in a cold voice,"Are you crazy?"

  Hearing this,Madge suddenly became angry.

  "No wonder you came from the countryside.This is so rude.We are worried that you have viruses and bacteria.What if we got sick?"

  Nora would have turned to be angry as usual,but she couldn't do that this time.

  "Then your mouth should also be sprayed with disinfectant,so smelly..."

  After that,Nora walked into the villa directly.

  "You..."Madge was so angry that she pointed to Nora's back that Lynn hurriedly came forward to comfort her.

  There was also a woman of the same age as Nora in the room.She looked at Nora with disdainful eyes with the famous brand.

  "Are you my cousin's fiancee Nora?"Looking at Nora's unknown clothes,Ashley Shawnd disdain to her and continued to speak:"Gee,Grandpa is old,and his taste is really strange.I heard that you still came by train.We should just buy you a plane ticket.Oh,I see.There should be no airport in your hometown."

  Nora looked at Ashley like a fool.

  Were people in this family so arrogant?

  There was no airport in her family,but her grandpa Charlie had booked a high-speed train to Arial city for her.No one could realize that Nora took a high-speed train alone.

  If she wanted to,Charlie can send her a private jet.

  Nora didn't bother to explain to these people and went upstairs directly.

  Ashley saw that she was ignored by Nora and followed her angrily.

  "Where is my room?"Nora asked the servant behind her.

  Before the servant could answer,Ashley,stepped forward and said,"This one."

  Opening the door of the room,Ashley said,"You shouldn't have lived in such a big and nice room yet!But you have to cherish your life in The Howe family.I'm Asher's cousin Ashley.You have to please me even more.You know,one day..."

  Before Ashley finished speaking,Nora went into the room and closed the door,which made Ashley even angrier.

  "Ah!How dare she be so arrogant from the countryside?What's wrong with my grandpa!"

  The servant bowed his head."Miss,this is master's room."

  Ashley looked at the door disdainfully.

  "Don't say anything.Cousin hates others touching his things most.Just tell the master that she wanted to live here."

  After saying that,Ashley smiled evilly.

Chapter 2 Climbing into Asher's Bed

  Nora also didn't find this was someone else's room.She was just looking at the bathroom,which was full of some men's articles,only think that this family was really strange.

  What a wonderful place.

  However,her bet with her grandfather was only kept for only three months.Nora had to stay in this villa for three months.If she still had no feelings for Asher,the engagement would be annulled.

  Nora took a bath and ate the dinner served by the servant.After a tiring day,she fell asleep.

  At night,it was already midnight when Asher came home from dinner.

  He knew that Nora would come to The Howe family today.His grandpa Howard had asked Asher to meet Nora,but he refused on the grounds of work.He was not interested in this fiancee at all,and the engagement would be broken sooner or later

  After returning to the room,Asher took a bath and went to sleep.

  Probably because he drank a little too much tonight,Asher didn't realize there were other women in the room until he lay down.

  He was slightly stunned.In the darkness,Asher could not see the woman's face.She turned over and hugged him.The girl murmured,"Good bear,don't make any noise.Just sleep."

  Asher was frozen.

  The woman had a very familiar smell,the same as that person...

  Probably because of the alcohol,Asher didn't move,lying down with Nora and falling asleep.

  This night,Asher did not suffer from insomnia as before.However,he slept peacefully.

  In the dream,he saw the picture ten years ago again.In the little black room,the girl held him in her small body,and she said,"Don't be afraid,I am very powerful,I will protect you."

  Asher dreamed that she had found her,so real.

  The next day,at the door.

  Ashley went to bed early,but when she woke up this morning,she didn't hear the servant say that Nora had been kicked out of Asher's room.

  What's going on?Maybe his cousin didn't come back last night?But his car was in the garage!

  Two people couldn't sleep together,was it?

  Ashley couldn't help knocking on the door:"Cousin,the maid has prepared breakfast.Don't you have an early meeting today?Get up quickly!"

  Two sleeping people in the room were woken up at the same time.Nora only felt that she was snuggling in one arm as if someone was holding herself.

  Looking at each other,Nora was suddenly surprised and didn't feel sleepy.She got up from bed and said in a surprised voice,"Who are you?"

  Asher's eyes were equally gloomy.


  Nora probably guessed that this was his rumored fiance Asher,but how did this man appear in her bed?Who could tell her?

  Before she could get an explanation,Asher continued to speak:"You just climbed into my bed on the first day in The Howe family.Oh,you got something."

  Nora looked at Asher blankly.What?Did she climb into Asher's bed?

  All the people in The Howe family were paranoid,right?

  However,she probably guessed that it was Asher's room and Ashley did it on purpose when she thought of the men's articles in the room yesterday.

  Nora got out of bed and said coldly,"First,I didn't climb into your bed.Ashley told me yesterday that this was my room.And,Asher,I am not interested in you at all."

  "Besides,I fell asleep last night.Didn't you find anyone else in bed when you came back?You still slept with me all night.What should I say?You like me,don't you?"

  Asher's face was even gloomier when he was choked by Nora.Memories of last night came to mind and he could not refute them for a while.

  In Nora's eyes,the man was shocked at that time.

  Those eyes were really like that girl.

  Seeing this,Asher even hooked his lips and smiled.

  "What?Why are you looking at me like this?Are you fascinated by me?"

  Returning to absolute being,Asher's face was gloomy and he said angrily,"Go out and don't come to this room in the future."

  Nora naturally didn't stay much and left with her things.

  Ashley was still standing at the door,looking at Nora coming out and suddenly looking surprised.

  Nora smiled at her and said,"Morning!As you wish,your cousin slept with me all night yesterday,and we just got along very well."

  "You are talking nonsense."Ashley was angry.How was it possible?

  It was impossible for her cousin to like Nora.

  But the fact was that Nora slept with Asher last night.

Chapter 3 the poor from the Country

  Nora left smiling.

  Ashley was furious,"You are just the poor from the countryside.I will never let you marry my cousin."

  Just then,Asher came out of the room.

  Ashley was immediately unintelligent when he saw her:"Cousin."

  Asher looked gloomy,obviously angry,and Ashley did not dare to be angry anymore.


  Nora asked the servant to take her to her room,packed her things,and then went downstairs to eat breakfast.

  At the table sat Madge and Ashley and Asher.

  Madge said angrily,"You just got up so late and didn't know to make breakfast for us You think you are The Howe family's,young lady."

  Nora glanced at Madge and said faintly,"But I am not The Howe family's servant either."

  Asking her to make breakfast.You wish!

  From beginning to end,Asher didn't say a word,but it was obvious that he didn't like Nora either.

  No one liked a meal.After the meal,Madge handed Nora a card.

  "There are 5,000 yuan.You should buy some decent clothes before you go to the company later.You should behave yourself in the company and don't cause any trouble to Asher."

  To cultivate the relationship between Asher and Nora,Howard offered Nora to work in the company and be Asher's secretary.Charlie also agreed with him.Nora could not resist it.She could only go for three months and she could survive.

  But this 5,000 yuan...Madge was naive.Nora sarcastically said,"Thank you,aunt,but no need."

  Her clothes were specially customized.Naturally,the Howe family couldn't see what brand it was,and Nora was too lazy to dispute with them.After that,she went upstairs to change clothes.

  As soon as she went upstairs,her mobile phone rang.It was a transfer of 50 million yuan.

  Then Nora received a text message from Charlie.

  "Baby granddaughter,take good care of yourself,Just buy anything you want.And remember to tell Grandpa when you are bullied."

  Nora hooked her lips and went back to the past:"Grandpa,this whole family bullied me,which was not fun at all."

  Charlie responded quickly.

  "It's rare for anyone to dare to bully you.Well,it's good.Well,I'll go fishing."


  After changing into a professional suit,Nora left The Howe family.The driver opened the car door for her.When she got into the car,only to find that Asher was inside.

  "Didn't you say that you have no interest in me?Why do you want to go to The Howe Group to be my secretary?"The man asked her with a hint of irony in his tone.

  Nora glanced at him faintly:"I promised Grandpa that I would get along with you for three months,and after three months we would break off the engagement."

  "Oh."Asher sneered:"Aren't you afraid you will like me in these three months?Don't beg me to let you stay in the villa."

  Nora was amused by Asher's remark.

  "It turns out that Asher,who is rumored to be so cold and arrogant,is so confident?I tell you,I won't like you for three years,even for a lifetime."

  In Nora's eyes,Asher was nothing but handsome.

  Asher's face suddenly turned black when he heard Nora's words.

  She couldn't like him all her life?

  "Nora,you'd better remember what you said today."

  Asher only felt that Nora was playing with desire.Why did she come to The Howe family if she didn't like him?

  Nora showed a professional smirk:"OK,Asher,don't worry!After three months,we won't see each other again.By the way,we just pretend not to know each other when we go to the company,to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding."

  Asher didn't speak anymore.

  However,Nora thought too much.This news has already been spread that Asher had an engagement and his fiancee was still from the countryside.

  At this time,The Howe Group was talking a lot.

  "Have you heard that Asher's fiancee will go to work in The Howe Group!And she will be Asher's secretary."

  "People said that she was ugly and was from the countryside.And she even graduated from a fake college.I just wonder that how can she read those documents."

  "That's funny.Maybe she even doesn't know how to use the computer.”


  Until Nora and Asher walked into the company together,everyone was stunned.

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