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Marry my husband with a double life

by NovelBee

September 20 2022

There was a rumor that the underappreciated son Nansen Field in the Field family was so cranky and batty that he drove some of the servants crazy. Jennifer Green, who wanted to have a family, married into the Field family in place of her elder sister and warmed Nansen's frozen heart. Until one day, when Jennifer drank a glass of wine drugged by someone, the business legend Nick Finger, forcefully took her away. Inside the suite, Jennifer struggled fiercely, "Get off me! Nick Finger! My husband will kill you!” Nick whispered Jennifer’s nickname in her ears that only Nansen knew. Who is he? The Poor Nansen Field? Or the king of the business world Nick Finger? ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Marry my husband with a double life or download the app to read the entire series.

Her hands unconsciously dragged her clothes,"I am the illegitimate child of the Greens,and my mother died when I was little.If you ask me why I marry you..."

Jennifer laughed at herself and said in earnest,"I want to have a family,and I want to be loved by my family."


Nansen sneered with a cold and hoarse voice,"Did Tony Andrew tell you to talk about that?It's useless to be soft with me!Do you think I will tell him everything?"

Jennifer knew Tony Andrew was Nansen's uncle.

She shook her head vigorously,"No!You misunderstand me.I am not sent by your uncle and I really want to marry you!I understand you can't trust me now!But I believe as time goes on,you will find the truth that I just want to form a family with you and take care of you!After all,I don't know what I should do and I am homeless without you."

Jennifer guessed that the way Nansen had been raised would make him a wary and suspicious man.She had to be one hundred percent patient and honest in order to truly communicate with Nansen.

Sitting on the armchair,Nansen suddenly wanted to tease Jennifer,so he turned on the floor lamp with a dim light.

Nansen sat against the light,and Jennifer couldn't see his face clearly,only his rough features.

"Come here,"Nansen said.

Jennifer closed the door and walked toward him without hesitation and with sincerity.

Seeing the stick beside his armchair,Jennifer guessed that Nansen could not walk normally so she thoughtfully squatted down in front of Nansen and looked up at him.

Nansen pinched Jennifer's jaw with his scarred hands and Jennifer gave a little gasp of pain.

The light shone down from above Nansen's head,and Jennifer couldn't see his face clearly.

Until Nansen slowly approached her,his face covered with burn scars appeared in front of Jennifer.

Her eyes widened...

Even if she had mental preparation,she was frightened by Nansen's scars on his face and neck.

He smiled,waiting to see her scream and run away in fear...

"Does it hurt?"Jennifer calmed herself down and asked him.

Nansen did not expect her reaction and he was a little surprised.

She did not scream and there was no disgust or fear in her eyes.She just asked him in that soft voice.

Nansen pinched Jennifer's jaw harder with deep glances.

"Sorry,I haven't had time to ask the housekeeper how to provide care for you."Jennifer's soft white little hand gently held Nansen's wrist,"I am going to search for some information in this area tomorrow to learn how to take care of you."

Jennifer endured the pain and smiled sweetly at Nansen.

Nansen had a glance at Jennifer's small hand clutching his wrist,"Are you trying to fool me?"

Jennifer shook his head,"I didn't want to fool you,but since we are family,we should give each other a chance,right?It's okay that you can't trust me and are suspicious of me,but I will still stay with you and take care of you.You can treat me as a nurse and give me the legwork.I'm sure one day you'll accept me."

She still had that innocent and harmless look on her face with happiness and hope in her clear eyes,as if she looked forward to the future with confidence.

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Honestly I think this app is great. I use it pretty much everyday and I love it.

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