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Marry My Rich Uncle

by Mona

July 04 2022

She was tricked by her own sister and robbed of her family honor, but even her fiancé who grew up together was lured away! Caroline vows to take revenge! She has made a revenge plan with her best friend. But who is this man on her marriage license? Richard Preston. Who is Richard Preston? Her best friend’s uncle, Richard Preston? She married her best friend's uncle, Richard Preston, by accident?! The man who is filthy rich and has so much power and influence! But it is also said that he is gay! ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Marry My Rich Uncle or download the app to read the entire series

Richard Preston, the current president of the Hints Group and the future heir.

In Chicago, everyone knows his name and he is on top of all the major wealth lists. He is the richest man in the world!

In the eyes of many people, this man, is omnipotent.


Richard walked over towards the bar and found Leo already lying motionless on the bar, while there was a girl next to him with her back to him drinking. His eyebrows knitted, and he gave his bodyguard an eye.

Two bodyguards immediately went forward and picked Leo up, so the drunken Leo was taken away by the bodyguards in a daze.

Caroline found that her friend was missing and immediately looked around for him, but when she turned around, she saw Richard.

Slightly narrowed eyes instantly enlarged. There is such a beautiful man in this world!

Dark eyebrows and piercing eyes, so deep that are seemingly bottomless, one slip, and you would fall into the vortex. His features are as if they were finely carved by an art master, flawless.

"Hey! You! Stop for me!"

Caroline stumbled and slid down from the stool, holding a tall glass in her hand.

Richard looked at the drunken woman, and his original unfocused eyes instantly gathered focus on this girl who was swaying towards him.

Her face reflected in his eyes. Those emotionless eyes, vaguely showed some fluctuations. He stayed still and watched the girl stagger toward him. Caroline leaned on him at once because she couldn't hold her knees anymore.

"So handsome, how about sleeping with me for one night?" Caroline said while patting the man’s face with her other hand.

The bodyguards beside him were silent and hung their heads with their hands behind their backs. Who dares to pat Richard Preston's face! Isn't that a death wish?

It looks like a violent storm is coming!

A bold bodyguard wanted to go forward to pull Caroline away, but Richard gave him a stern look and the bodyguard immediately retreated.

"What? You don’t want, huh? I tell you, Leo wanted to sleep with me tonight, and I didn’t even agree!" Caroline giggled a little, "Leo Ellis, you know? Big star, how many women out there are yelling to sleep with him! But he is now ... my husband."

"Leo Ellis is your husband?"

Richard's frown deepened, and his low voice was like one from hell.

"Yeah! Just got the license!" Caroline raised her head, slightly squinting her eyes, rosy cheeks, very cute, "You won’t sleep with me because I'm married, huh? It's okay, I'll divorce him tomorrow, he's my best friend ... just that."

Seeing the man did not speak, Caroline then said, "You don’t believe me? I'll show you our marriage license!"

Saying that, Caroline’s one hand began to fish in her pocket, looking for a long time, before pulling out a piece of paper from her hip pocket, "That, see!"

Richard picked up the paper, and was shocked when he opened it!

What was on the marriage license?

Richard Preston! Caroline Fowler!

There is no Leo Ellis on it, it's his name!

It is his name, Richard Preston!

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I am so absorbed into these books… bye bye Netflix 😊

Shannan Penisione, 9th March

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Honestly I think this app is great. I use it pretty much everyday and I love it.

Steffie Cliff, 22th March

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I really can’t get enough of this app. I spend most of my time reading, even at work. I just need a little taste of a chapter. The authors of the books are geniuses, I am sooo appreciative of their efforts.

Kimberley Mills, 19th March

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