Chapter 1


The bar was so crowded and the music was deafening that it seemed like to rock the roof off.

The recklessly indulgent men and women,spurred on by alcohol and music,grew more and more decadent and hysterical.

At the bar,Caroline Fowler was already drunk,and the incessant music outvoiced her.

"Drink!Screw my childhood sweetheart!Screw my fiancé!To hell with all the scum and b**ch!"Caroline picked up the shot and drank it all in one go.

Leo Ellis,by her side,an arm on her shoulders,"It's okay!Little Caro,after we are married,from now on,buddy watch over you,oh,no,it should be,from now on,your darling husband watch over you!I help you!"

Caroline let out a laugh,then she suddenly patted Leo's face,"Wendell South,you said you would marry me when you were eight!Do you know that you would be burning in hell for all your lies?

Leo took Caroline's hand and shook it off,"You've had too much.I'm not your fiancé,Wendell South,I'm Leo Ellis!I'm your husband now!We just registered.Do you remember?"

Caroline rubbed her eyes,"What?So,you are my little lion."

"From now on,I’m your little hubby,okay?Tomorrow!Tomorrow,I'll take you to find them,in front of that couple of sons of b**ch,and slap our marriage license in their faces!"

"Good!"Caroline smashed the table.

Leo was not finished,his phone in his pocket rang sharply,and the screen showed:Uncle Lucifer.

"Wait a minute,I have to answer it,"Leo took his phone,hand-shaking,poking it several times before poking the green

icon,"Hey,uncle,uncle,my handsome uncle,good news,I got married!"

"Leo Ellis,you've been drinking?"At the other end of the phone was a low male voice,"I don't have time for the bullshit now,did you just steal my social security card,hurry up and put it back!"

"What card?"Leo asked in a daze.

"Are you drunk!Where are you now?"

"Where?"Leo's brain powered off,and the bartender saw that these two had too much to drink and was worried that they would make a scene here,so he hurriedly took the phone from his hands,"Sir,this is Cloud Nine."

Leo giggled,"Did you hear that,Cloud Nine!"

The phone hung up,Leo dropped the phone on the bar and continued to drink with Caroline.

Twenty minutes later,several black Rolls-Royce business cars stopped at the entrance of the Bar.The bouncers at the entrance hurried over to open the door and a tall,masculine figure stepped down from the car.

Richard Preston,the current president of the Hints Group,but also the future heir of the Preston family,in this city,his men are everywhere,and he is on the top of every list.He is the most dream man in the world!

In the eyes of many people,this man,is omnipotent.

A gray trench coat showed off his tall body,and handsome face without a single flaw,making people cannot help but want to stop to admire,the pair of deep eyes,piercing,and icing,as if can take your soul.One glance from him and you will be willing to do everything for him.

Once he entered the bar,he immediately became the focus.Every woman in the club turned their head to see him.Their hormones soared but froze in their places by his aloof and arrogant air.

A bodyguard first spotted Leo at the bar,"Sir,the young master is there."

Richard walked over towards the bar and found Leo already lying motionless on the bar,while there was a girl next to him with her back to him drinking.His eyebrows knitted and he gave his bodyguard an eye.

Two bodyguards immediately went forward and picked Leo up,so the drunken Leo was taken away by the bodyguards in a daze.

Caroline found that her friend was missing and immediately looked around for him,and when she turned around,she saw Richard.

Slightly narrowed eyes instantly enlarged,there is such a beautiful man in this world!

Dark eyebrows and beautiful eyes,so deep that are seemingly bottomless,one slip,and you would fall into the vortex.His features are as if they were finely carved by an art master,flawless.

"Hey!You!Stop for me!"Caroline stumbled and slid down from the bar stool,a tall glass in her hand.

Richard looked at the drunken woman,and his original unfocused eyes instantly gathered focus on this girl who was swaying towards himself.

Her face reflected in his eyes.

Those emotionless eyes,vaguely showed some fluctuations.

He stayed still and watched the girl stagger toward him.

Caroline leaned on him at once because she couldn't hold her knees anymore.

"So handsome,how about sleeping with me for one night?"Caroline said while patting the man’s face with one hand.

Chapter 2

The bodyguards beside him were silent and hanging their heads with their hands behind their backs.Who dares to pat Richard Preston's face!

Isn't that a death wish?

It looks like a violent storm is coming!

A bold bodyguard wanted to go forward to pull Caroline away,but Richard gave him a stern look and the bodyguard immediately retreated.

"What?You don’t want,huh?I tell you,Leo wanted to sleep with me tonight,and I didn’t even agree!"Caroline giggled a little,"Leo Ellis,you know?Big star,how many women out there are yelling to sleep with him!But he is husband."

"You said Leo Ellis is your husband?"Richard's frown deepened,and his low voice was like coming from hell.

"Yeah!Just got the license!"Caroline raised her head,slightly squinting her eyes,rosy cheeks,very cute,"You won’t sleep with me because I'm married,huh?It's okay,I'll divorce him tomorrow,he's my best friend......just that."

Seeing the man did not speak,Caroline continued:"You don’t believe?I'll show you our marriage license!"

Saying that,Caroline’s one hand began to fish in her pocket,looking for a long time,before pulling out a piece of paper from her hip pocket,"That,see!"

Richard picked up the paper,and was shocked when he opened it!

What does the marriage license write?

Richard Preston!Caroline Fowler!

There is no Leo Ellis on it,it's his name!

In the next moment,Richard hooked his lips,his frivolous nephew,turned his"best friend"into his aunt.

"Believe it,right?"Caroline smiled,took a sip of red wine,and suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed Richard's lips.Her hot little tongue drilled into his mouth,with the sourness of the red wine.

Sweet and intoxicating.

Richard wrapped one arm around her waist and let her come closer to him so he could deepen the kiss.

Caroline but instantly left his lips,smiled brightly,then she stretched out a finger hooked his chin,"So?Do you want to change your answer?"

A wicked smile appeared on his face,"That desperate?"

Caroline stretched out her index finger and shook it,"Have fun!Do you know?That is called living in the moment."

Girls are all that open now?

But he likes it.

Richard directly carried her up and carried her to his car in the public.

"Go,to my place."

The driver immediately started the engine.

Caroline leaned on Richard's shoulder,drunk and confused.She grabbed his collar,"Ah?We are at the hotel already?Then what are you waiting for?Let's start."

With that,Caroline went to unbutton his shirt.

With the scent of alcohol approaching,Richard subconsciously frowned and grabbed the woman's hand,"Not here."

"No?You can't get up?Huh?You're impotent,huh?"

Richard only felt helpless.How hammer is this woman?

He moved away her hand,"Impotent or not,you'll find out!"

"I want to know now!"

Richard’s lips lifted,“Be good.”

Her flushed face with drunken eyes made this pretty little face more kissable.

"Faster!"Richard said in a low voice yet hinted with impatience.

The driver slammed the gas pedal,and Caroline fell directly into his arms.

Chapter 3

Back to Richard’s mansion

Before the car was fully stopped,Richard carried her out and walked as fast as he could to his bedroom.

All the servants hang their heads.His house never has a woman appear,and now the master actually carried a woman back,a drunken woman.

What a rarity!

The luxurious European-style round bed,Richard carefully put Caroline on the bed and was just about to take a breath when Caroline grabbed him by the tie.

"Don't leave.Didn't we agree it’s our wedding night?"

Richard cupped her chin and lifted her face.

It was a face that could not be more innocent,a palm-sized heart-shaped face,with a little baby fat,shadows formed under her long eyelashes.

"Who do you want to sleep with?"His low voice was magnetic.

Caroline opened her eyes slightly,"Are you a fool!Of course,with you,we are married.What?You don’t want?I can sue you!"

Richard lifted her chin and pulled her closer,"Are you sure you want to sleep with me?"

Caroline was completely drunk.She giggled,"I have been saving it for twenty-two,I give it to you!"

Saying that,Caroline grabbed Richard’s hand and slowly raised her upper body,then grabbed his collar,"Take it off!"

"Let go!"

By a little girl grabbed the collar,Richard felt helpless.Who dared to grab his collar!

"No!I can help you if you are shy."Caroline reached out and tried to unbutton his shirt,but she failed.In the end,she just pulled his shirt out of his trousers and reached her hands under the hem of his shirt,“Do you have abs?”

Slowly,she traced to Richard's waist.

Richard only felt electricity rush down to his tailbone so he hurriedly stopped her hands,"If you don't stop,I will do something to you."

"Huh?Do it?Don't go easy on me!We are married!"

"Caroline Fowler!Since it is what you want!"

Richard stood against the edge of the bed and directly pinned her under him.


When a magnified handsome face appeared in front of Caroline's eyes,a scream pierced through the early morning silence!

"Who are you?!"Caroline hugged the quilt and hid at the foot of the bed.

The corners of the man’s mouth gently rose,looking at the frightened"deer"in front of him,and she could not help but think of last night.

Last night,she trembled beneath him,and her whimpers still echo in his ears.

"When you were clinging one me and forcing me to sleep with you,why didn't you ask me who I was?"

Richard lifted the quilt and got out of bed,he only wore a pair of shorts,his long,strong legs,and honey-colored muscles were on display in front of her eyes.

She had to admit,this man's body is perfect!No trace of fat and the outline of his muscle made her mouth water.

It was her first time to see such a naked man alive.

Caroline covered her eyes with one hand,"Who the hell are you?"

Richard unhurriedly dressed.After he dressed,she picked up the marriage license on the nightstand and showed it in front of her face.

Caroline looked at it,eyes wide.The handwriting was Leo’s but the name on it was Richard Preston!

She looked at the paper,and then looked at the man in front of her.This man and Leo look really alike,just a little older in age.

Richard snatched the license from Caroline's hands.

Chapter 4

"I'm going to British today;I'll be back in a week.You can stay here for the time being,and I believe that everything you want to know,Leo will tell you."

After saying that,Richard hooked his lips and walked out of the bedroom with the license.

Leaving Caroline alone,dazed and dumbfounded,has not yet reacted to what the hell was going on.

As soon as Richard went downstairs,he saw Leo hovering in the foyer.


"Leo Ellis,stealing,fake marriage,clubbing,and getting drunk.I'll write them down."


Richard swept a glance at his nephew,with a killing aura,and Leo immediately swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue.

"She hasn't gotten up yet,come in later."After saying that,Richard stepped away with his long legs and his secretary had been waiting for him for a long time and followed him respectfully.

Before Caroline could react,she saw a group of people in the same uniform walking in with clothes,shoes, a row.

The leader was a woman in her early thirties,with black hair pulled back behind her head and a kind smile,"Miss Fowler,your clothes have been delivered,do you need us to change for you?"

"No need!I can dress myself!"Caroline was shocked by the big show,"Just put your stuff down and get out!"

"Yes,if you need anything,just call me,I am the housekeeper who is in charge of your personal service,just call me Merry."

Caroline nodded her head.

Merry then left with the maids.

Caroline let out a long breath and picked up the things the maids brought in.


Bra,panties,socks altogether,and even this sock was from a famous brand!

That rich?

Just after she got dressed,she heard a knock on the door outside,"Caro,are you decent?I'm coming in!"

It was Leo's voice.

"Come on in!"Just in time,she had a score to settle with him!

As soon as Leo opened the door,a pillow hit him on the face.

"Leo!You explain to me!What the hell is going on here?!"

"Calm down,calm down.I can explain."

"Explain my ass!Yesterday we agreed that you and I go to get a license?And then,help me kill that pair of sons of b**ch!How come I'm someone else's wife now?

There were countless question marks hovering around Caroline Fowler's head!

Leo scratched his head,"That,I took the wrong card yesterday,to be exact,I stole the wrong card."

"Stole?"Caroline patted her head,"I'm not too clear-headed now,why do you need to steal your identity?"

Leo sat on the big bed,"It's a long story,Richard......he is my uncle,I sneaked off to Italy last time,and he found out.So,he withheld my passport,driver’s license,and so on.I was drunk yesterday,and I must steal his."

"Richard Preston is your uncle?"Caroline seemed to have discovered a new continent,"is that your omnipotent uncle Lucifer?

Leo nodded his head.

"Holy Crap!Really?!"

This is a fact that Leo is extremely reluctant to admit!

Caroline's big eyes dribbled around.

"But,don't worry,my uncle is now no time to pay attention to you,and when he returns will divorce you.About your sister and your ex-fiancé,after a while,I will absolutely give them some lesson!"

Leo stretched out three fingers to the sky,swearing.

After saying that,he quietly bumped Caroline's arm,"My uncle is gay,don't worry,he definitely didn't touch you last night."

Chapter 5

Caroline stared at him with wide eyes,her eyes filled with disbelief!

"You said,you said he,he,he is......"

"He is gay,but you can tell.Before a newspaper once wrote about it.Later,the batch of journalists covering the news all laid off,and the newspaper and magazine all closed down,so you can foresee the consequences."

Caroline swallowed the words raw.Last night he clearly......

"You don't have to be afraid;he won’t do anything to you either.This is my mistake;at most he will beat me up."

Leo looked like a soldier who was about to go to the war.

"He hit people,huh?"

It was a civilized society,right?What's more,Leo was twenty-one,and still would be beaten by his uncle?

"This involves another secret of our family;my uncle has a tendency to violence.When you two talk about divorce,you must be careful and don’t provoke him.You don’t want him to get angry."

Caroline gasped,seemingly being able to swallow one egg whole!

What kind of a man is she married to?

"Little Caro,actually last night......"

Leo was still about to say something more when an old man’s voice came from outside the door,"Young master,the master said he wants you to rush to shoot a movie as soon as possible without delay,your manager Louis Wickham is already waiting for you in the foyer."

Caroline looked at the man in his fifties at the door,and then looked at Leo's bitter face.

"I knew it would end up like this,well,then I'm leaving,call me if something happens!"Leo stood up like a defeated warrior and walked towards the door.

Walking out of the door,Leo's eyes immediately dimmed,he glanced towards the bedroom from the corner of his eyes,his eyes were full of disappointment and loss.

Caroline sat at the head of the bed,wiggling both legs,as if in thought.

Leo made up his mind and left quickly.

Caroline’s cell phone at the bedside rang sharply,she walked over,picked up the phone,saw the number on the screen,and could not help but roll her eye.

But she answered the phone anyway,"Hello!"

"Caro,where are you?The whole family has been looking for you like crazy!"

"Sorry to disappoint you,but I'm not dead yet."

"Caro!What are you saying?Caroline,I'm sorry,I shouldn't......but,you mustn't blame Coco,she is also a victim,it was me who drank too much that night......"

"Ok!Stop!She's a victim?Then what am I?Wendell,tell me,what am I?"

She and he had known each other since birth and set a child betrothal since childhood.Since kindergarten,Wendell has been telling people everywhere that Caroline Fowler is his fiancée and his future wife.

A silence came from the other end of the phone,"Caroline......I......"

Caroline was just about to speak when she heard the sound of crying from the other end of the phone.That crying,so miserable,even she wanted to come across the phone to soothe her!

"Brother,is it that my sister still refuses to forgive me?It's all my fault,it's all my fault,let my sister come back,I'll go,I’ll leave,ok?"

"Coco,just don't be blaming yourself,it is my fault."

Caroline only felt a boulder blocking her windpipe,so she directly hung up the phone!

Dad has already agreed to their marriage.Who is she trying to fool?

Caroline held her phone tightly as a new plan formed in her mind.

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