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Mr.Ford, I'm not Easy to be Fooled

by John

October 28 2022

Taylor loved Gavin for twenty years and finally married him as she wished. However, her husband tricked her into a room in a hotel and let her sleep with another man. After that, he framed her and took everything she had. When she was in despair, Jerick Ford, that man that night showed up. "Marry me, and I will avenge you." ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Mr.Ford, I'm not Easy to be Fooled or download the app to read the entire series.

When Taylor sobered from last night's frenzy in a hotel, her smile was even brighter than the sunshine outside.

Though having been married to Gavin for a year, she still didn't find a chance to sleep with him like a real couple.

Fortunately, she finally made up this pity last night.

However, while she was savoring the residual excitement with relish, a group of paparazzi broke in and directly aimed their cameras at her.

The room was soon full of clicking sounds and malicious questions.

"Mrs.Stone, why will you be in the hotel?"

"Mrs.Stone, do you have affairs with another man?"

"Mrs.Stone, have you secretly divorced Mr.Stone? Or did you merely cheat on him?"


In the face of their storming questions, Taylor instinctively backed down, but this unreservedly exposed her panicked look under the cameras.

"Get out!" She finally realized what happened, lifting the thin quilt to cover herself and angrily shouting to them, "You are violating my privacy!"


At this moment, a cold voice interjected with unconcealed fury.

Taylor looked up with relief, like a bullied girl who finally saw her guardian.

Gavin stood right in front of her, but his usual gentleness and elegance at ordinary times had all gone.

"Honey, you're just in time!"

Taylor mistook her husband's outrage as the reaction against those reckless reporters, and she triumphantly grabbed his hand and complained, "Those reporters are out of their minds! They even..."

Before Taylor finished, a heavy slap knocked her onto the bed.

She covered her swelling cheek and looked up with sheer shock, unable to believe the one who slapped her was the same man she has loved since childhood.

Gavin furiously threw a handful of photos at Taylor, regardless of their sharp edges would bleed her delicate face.

The dazzling blood on Taylor’s face didn’t ripple over his indifferent expression.

"My lawyer will contact you at 9 am tomorrow".

With that, he left without hesitation, as if looking at her for one more second would disgust him...

Taylor drooped her head, happening to grab a glimpse of a photo scattered in front of her.

A cruel truth transfixed her on the spot.

The man she slept with last night...was not her husband!


Just then, the window of a black Maybach parked on the roadside opposite the hotel slowly opened, revealing an aloof face.

Seeing the reporters swarming out, a touch of disgust flashed through his eyes.

"Gavin, easy..."

That woman's sweet and affectionate gasping still echoed in Jerick’s ears.

"Gavin Stone, the adopted son of Colin Larson and current CEO of Collor Corporation", He stared at his fingertips, as if the warmth from that woman still remained, "I am not interested in holding justice for others, but you should not have got me involved."

Shortly after a while, his faint voice sounded in the car, "I want detailed information about Gavin Stone."

"Yes, sir."


As if to respond to Taylor’s sorrow and despair, it began to rain heavily outside when the taxi she hired stopped at the building of the Collor Corporation.

The pouring rain soaked Taylor all over as soon as she got off the taxi.

She ignored the biting coldness, running to the building at her fastest speed.

However, a stout guard rudely pushed her to the ground before she entered.

"Please, I want to see Gavin..."

Taylor struggled up and grabbed the guard's arm.

The mixture of rain and tears on her colorless face made her look even more pitiful, "I need money to buy medicine, or my grandma will die..."

The guard sneered, pushed Taylor away again, and took the sign beside him to the front, "Miss Larson, have a look at the sign!"

Taylor wiped away the tears that blurred her eyes, but they shed more violently after she saw what was on the sign.

"No Entry for Taylor Larson and dogs."

How hilarious!

The man she loved didn’t only take away all her property, but also compared her with dogs!

In just one day, she lost everything she had.

It was getting dark, and the rain was still pouring down.

Suddenly, an umbrella appeared and sheltered her.

"Miss Larson, my boss has paid for your grandmother's expenses."

"And...he will tell you whatever you want."

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