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Never Crush on Me

by NovelBee

July 18 2022

A knife stabbed into his own body, as if he did not know the pain, and he desperately laughed: “Beth, is this enough to pay back what I owe you?”...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Never Crush on Me or download the app to read the entire series

“Miss,you’d better come down,and the president will be back soon;if he sees this,he will be very angry.And you know the consequences after that.”

She stood on the balcony of the tenth floor of the villa with a long plain white dress and long hair flowing with the wind.She was very beautiful,but her beautiful face was very pale,just like a silk person.

“Serious consequences?I know he is very terrible when he is angry.I know all…”

Half a month ago her sister was expelled from school and she herself was fired by her boss.She knew…it was all because she had hidden her pregnant information and abandoned him who had nothing to lose.

He hated her for three years,but he didn’t know…her helplessness at first.

In the past few years,she has worked as a stall and brushed dishes in order to support her family,and he has accepted the family group,which is very powerful,and then they meet again…and it turns out to be like this.

If this continues,she will go crazy,and will definitely go crazy.She wants to be relieved.

If she jumped in front of him,would his hatred disappear?Will he stop hating her for hiding her pregnant belly and leaving him with nothing?

A harsh braking sound,she smiled and she knew he was back.

It wasn’t until the man appeared in the room that she turned her head to look at him,the man that she was afraid to love and couldn’t afford to hate.

He looked at her,his face was ironically gloomy,and his eyes shooting at her like a pair of sharp swords.

“Get your ass down here right now.”

“Louis,you hate me,do you?”

The man’s thin lips pursed,and did not answer her question,only the eyesight remained sharp and harsh,and the veins on his forehead bounced a few times.

“I’m saying it again,come down.”

“I know you hate me,but it is okay.I’m willing to do it,and I don’t blame you.I do not blame you…

“Sir,the lady she…”

The man frowned and looked at a few people and said in a cold voice:

“Get out.”

Maids took a worried look at her,and then at the man whose face was unusually ugly,and then she had to take a few maids and leave the room.

When only two people were left in the room,the man irritably withdrew his tie,but his eyes were staring at her for an instant.

“Why don’t you get down quickly?Are you trying to make me pity you in this way?Eh?”

She had seen it all before.In the past few months,he had said the worst things to her,and he had done the most insulting things to her.

But the only thing that remained the same was that her heart was hurt by him every time.

“Let me go.”

The man’s face was even gloomier when he heard that,even the eyesight looking at her eyes were cold for a few moments

“Let you go.You are dreaming.”

He took one step closer to her with his tone extremely mocking.“What?Want to jump?”

She bated her lip,and her face was pale,looking at him who kept approaching.Her heart was so hurts that she can’t breathe.He really doesn’t care about herself,otherwise how can he press on like this step by step?

“You,do not come over again,do not come over…”

Her voice was trembling,even with the last trace of supplication.

The man,however,smiled cruelly,and his eyes were full of oppression staring at her,sneering.

“Want to die,do you?I’ll kill you.Go to hell.”

She only felt her blood freeze because of this sentence.She locked tightly on a cold and heartless face of his,and laughed out lightly.

The memory of the young man is long gone.So what the hell is she still hoping for?It’s time to end it.Everything is over…

She leapt down from a twenty meters high building.

“I will give you my life to pay for the crime!”

He was instantly collapsed:“No,if I do not allow,you are even not allowed to die!”

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