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Secret Son of Billionaire

by John

July 18 2022

Lucas Norman,the president of the Night Group,is famous for his handsome face and indifferent character. It is even rumored that he has no interest in women. However,he began to pester a female doctor recently."Why do your son and I look exactly alike?" "None of your business."Nora Jones fiddled with the scalpel in her hand,carelessly replying. The cold president put on a flattering look:"We have perfect innate conditions.In case of wasting them,why not cooperate and give your son a playmate?" "Is he really my father?"Before Nora was about to say something,her five-year-old boy sighed with resignation... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Secret Son of Billionaire or download the app to read the entire series

"Sir,the woman who disappeared six years ago is back!"

"Catch her!"

"We dare not..."

"There is another child beside her who looks exactly like you."


A woman came out of the airport of A city.

Precisely,a gorgeous young woman that eclipsed any one else in the airport.

She was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans suspenders.

A pair of big sunglasses on her perfect face covered her clear eyes but made her look more capable at the same time.

There was a big suitcase beside her,on which sat a boy who was wearing the same clothes as her.The boy was five or six years old,his face was ruddy and dashing,almost a younger clone of his mother.

He also wore a small pair of sunglasses,but he pushed them over his head,revealing a pair of jet-black smart eyes.

He raised his head,looked at the woman,and asked her with a childish tone,"Mommy,is this the place where my uncle lives?"

Nora Jones nodded and looked up at the blue sky outside the airport,feeling a little heavy.

The A City!

Wandering over the world for more than ten years,she finally returned here!

After setting up the child,Nora went to the central hospital of A City immediately.

In the treatment room,many doctors and nurses surrounded a young and beautiful woman.

She still wailing and twitching because of extreme pain,and her pale face was full of sweat.

The woman immediately attracted Nora's attention.

She was stunned and mechanically turned her sight aside.

As expected,she saw a familiar male face beside the woman.

He was slender and tall.

The everlasting smile on his pleasant face and mild temperament made him like the warm spring breeze.

But Nora could only feel disgusted when seeing him.

It was the man with an honest look that mercilessly betrayed her and humiliated her in front of all her classmates,changing the track of her life.

"Owen Gates."She murmured his name.

Then the woman lying in bed must be Layla Norman--the woman who took Owen Gates away from her!

That's the power of fate,the arrangement of God!

Nora didn't expect that she would meet them on the first day she returned to A City!

It's time to revenge!

"I can make her return to normal in a few minutes without surgery!"

As soon as Nora spoke,everyone's eyes suddenly cast on her calm and indifferent face.

Owen Gates and Layla Norman were no exception.

"Didn't she disappear six years ago?Why did she suddenly appear here?"

Owen Gates looked at Nora.

Complicated feelings filled his heart,for a moment,he could hardly organize a complete sentence.

Layla even forgot the pain for a moment,she held his husband's hand tightly,and stared at Nora warily:"What do you want?"

"I have only one condition,kneel and beg me!"Nora raised her head like a queen who could decide people's life.

The people present couldn't believe what they have heard.

Didn't the woman know that Layla Norman was Mr.Norman's sister?

This was no different from challenging Lucas Norman's authority!

And those who did this have all been buried underneath the ground of A city.

Nora at Owen expressionless.

Everything that happened yesterday has passed,all she wanted was to return the humiliation they gave her!

She said coldly,"Mr.Gates,tell me your choice.Are you kneeling or not?"

She looked at him calmly.

All the resentment and hatred accumulated those years had been gathered under her calm eyes like thousands of arrows,ready to pierce him at any time.

"I want to see who dares to embarrass my brother-in-law!"

Following the loud voice,a tall and fearsome man came.

He was like a king born to rule others,the domineering temperament on him dwarfed everyone,making people instinctively avoid his glare.

A flawless face came into Nora's sight.

She held her breath.

Was he the man she met six years ago...

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