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The Love She Buried In Heart

by Mono

Mar 22 2022

Elena Forbes married the man she has been loved for fourteen years, but before she can truly win her husband's heart, he will leave her forever. Her husband is suffering from severe heart failure and will only live for a month at most. However, Elena is two months pregnant. Does she really have to trade two lives for one? The answer is yes, her life is originally given by her husband, gives it back is what she should do ......... Keep scrolling to read the sample of The Love She Buried In Heart or download the app to read the entire series

"I just had surgery,why didn't she come to see me?"

"Master,this heart of yours was donated by Madam.

At the sound of his voice,his pupils widened and his face blanched......


"Your husband has heart failure and may not make it through a month."

Elena Forbes listened with eyes full of tears.

She asked with a trembling voice,"Can't he accept a heart transplant?"

The doctor took a long breath and said,"Mrs.Rivers,only your heart can be matched with Mr.Rivers'......Now if you want to save Mr.Rivers,you can only......"

It can only be---Elena Forbes donates her own heart.

Elena's heart,slowly sank If this is the only way to save Alston Rivers......she is willing to do it.

It's just that he's so disgusted with her,will he be disgusted with her heart too?

A few moments later,she smiled self-deprecatingly.If you don’t want him to detest your heart,then don’t let him know...

"Help me schedule the surgery,please make sure my husband survives,and......please don't tell him I donated it..."


Elena Forbes leaned on the side of the hospital bed,looking deeply at the man lying on the bed.

This is her husband,Alston Rivers,whom she has loved for twenty years.

She hasn't loved him enough,they haven't made up,and he doesn't know she's pregnant.She's having their baby......

A burst of sourness rushed up to her throat,and a soft sob startle the man on the bed.

Alston Rivers frowned and woke up,saw her face with tears,and said very impatiently:"I'm not dead yet!What are you crying for?Bad luck!"

Her eyes darkened and she turned her head away,quickly wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes,and said with supplication and humble tone,"Alston,good news and you'll probably be very happy.


"Elizabeth Taylor is back."

Elizabeth Taylor,Alston Rivers'first love.

Alston's face darkened:"I'm warning you,stay away from her!"

Elena smiled bitterly and asked with difficulty,"You......still love her,don't you?"

"Or what,"he looked at her with askance eyes,a hidden flame under his eyes,"love the vain Miss.Forbes?"

Her lips trembled slightly,and finally said nothing,only tears fell......

Inside the emergency room.

Elena Forbes was lying on the operating table and was pushed to Alston Rivers'side.

The man's eyes are closed and seem to be sleeping.

She stretched out her hand as if to touch him at the last moment.

She loved him for twenty years.

From the time she was young to today,20 years

She knows all his preferences,all his habits.

She thought that if she had enough time,he would definitely be able to see how good she was.

She just didn't think there is no chance for her.

It was the last thing she could do for him.

With the anesthetic flowing into her bloodstream through the IV.

Her mind began to blur,and Alston's face became inauthentic.

Thirteen hours.

The lights in the operating room finally went out.

The anesthetic on Alston's body slowly dissipated

He was confused and saw a puddle of red blood on his side.

The doctor said to the clock on the wall,"Twenty-one,fifty-two,thirty-six seconds,the donor died."

Then,he was pushed out of the ward.

Outside the ward,Elizabeth Taylor waited anxiously for him

Seeing her,his heart was empty.

His eyes are searching for the others.

But the woman didn't come......

He was so sick,didn't she know?

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