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The Princess Disguised In Poor

by NovelBee

June 10 2022

It was said that Mr.Hawn's fiancee was an ugly girl from countryside.She was illiterate,ignorant and rude.At a banquet,Nora,the rumored fiancee showed up."Oh my gosh,if she is ugly,there wouldn't be beauty in the world!"This was not the first shock she brought to people."Her father is the richest man in the world!""She is that well-known mysterious designer!"Someone sneered with jealous:"But Mr.Hawn doesn't like her at all."On the same day,the official account of Hawn group announced:"Mr.Hawn loves his fiancee so much.They are about to get married."People:"....!!!" ......... Keep scrolling to read the sample of The Princess Disguised In Poor or download the app to read the entire series

Asher Hawn, the president of Hawn group, who has become a merchant prince at the age of 21 years old,was about to marry.

To everyone's surprise, his fiancee was a nobody from countryside!


In the early morning, the Hawn group has already been filled with all kind of comments:

"Have you heard that Mr.Hawn's fiancee is going to work here?As his secretary!"

"I have heard that she was an ugly woman from the countryside.Does she know how to deal with the documents?"

"I think this doesn't matter, the question is,does she know how to turn on the computer?"

"Ha ha ha,but why Mr.Hawn would marry her?"

"Because his grandfather had promised an engagement for his grandson when he was young.Tut,how lucky that woman is."

Not until Nora and Asher showed up together did them stop their discussion.

"Look, who is the woman behind the president? What a gorgeous woman! Look!"

"She eclipses every woman here!Is she a superstar?"

"Maybe she is the representative of our partner."

"She might be Mr.Hawn's girlfriend who come here to teach that ugly fiancee a lesson!"

All the speculation about Nora was ended when she signed the contract in Human Resource Department.

The beautiful woman with noble temperament was exactly that so-called ugly country girl.

A trace of disdain flashed in the eyes of Nora's leader: " Beauty has no good to work.How can some a country girl match Mr.Hawn?"

So on Nora's first day at work, she was assigned a tough mission: Take charge of shooting advertisements for Levi.

Levi was the most popular star at present, young in age and bad in temper.Few people could stand his picky character.

Everyone thought that Nora was going to screw up!

But what they have seen was that the shooting that had been estimated to take five hours ended in two hours.

After shooting, Levi pulled Nora's sleeve with indescribable worship and admiration: Nora, do I have the favor to treat you a dinner?"

"No, I haven't finished work yet!" Nora turned him down in a different manner.

The staff on the spot were shocked again.

"Breaking news! Levi was refused by Nora!"

"Oh my gosh, she conquered him in two hours?"

Levi, who was rejected resolutely,was so aggrieved: "Why do you have to give up your rich life and work for Hawn group?Does the Hawn family go bankrupt?!I can help you!"

Nora glanced at him: "You won't understand the adult's world."

She wouldn't tell him that this was the bet between she and her grandfather.

She promised her grandfather that she would get along with Asher Hawn for three months. The engagement would only be broken off on the premise that she still has no feeling in Asher Hawn in this period.

In Nora's regard, this was a piece of cake.

She would never fall in love with such an arrogant maniac with ill temper!

After three months, she would be free!

But before than, she had to conceal her different identities....

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