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The Rejected Mate

by JK Bartolome

July 7 2022

"What? Cassy has found her mate." I asked in shock."Yes, and guess who." My best friend Lani asked."Actually, I have no idea. Who is her mate? Tell me quickly! I want to know.""I feel jealous that she already met her mate while we still don't have one until now." I said to my wolf Slade."Don't worry Angel, the Moon Goddess is just preparing us for our mate. At the right time, we will meet them." My wolf answered...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of The Rejected Mate or download the app to read the entire series

  Chapter 1

  "Mathew,her childhood best-friend.You see,they've been together for a long time but only now did the Moon goddess reveal that they are made for each other.We don't know,maybe our mates are just around the corner."Lani said.

  I was happy with what she said,but can he accept me?compared to other female wolves I am weak.Others say I am fat,ugly and worthless wolf,and even my older brother Michael believes in them.Even our Alpha doesn't pay attention to me,he can't even look at me when I'm around.He avoided me as well as the others.

  "Let's go to the cafeteria."We walked to the cafeteria and when we got there I suddenly stopped.I smell an inexplicable fragrance,like a mixture of vanilla,rose and orchids.It is so addictive.

  I closed my eyes and savored that sweet addictive strange smell.

  "It's him!It's our mate."My wolf said.

  Suddenly my eyes widened and our eyes met.But I was confused when I saw the joy in those eyes suddenly disappeared.It was replaced by anger and disappointment.I averted my eyes.I could not bear to see the emotions displayed in his eyes.

  "Angel what's going on?Why do you suddenly stop?"Lani asked.

  "Nothing.I just remembered something."I averted my eyes from her and pretended to be looking for a vacant seat.

  "Come on Angel,let's go to our mate."My wolf said.I can feel her happiness and it pains me more.

  "I can't Slade.I could see in his eyes that he did not like me."I said to her.

  "No!That's not true.My mate can't do that to me.Maybe you just misunderstood him."I can feel her power,she wants to take control.It's the first time she's showing her dominance.At the age of eighteen,I still can't shift.Every wolf can shift at sixteen but I can't.Slade always told me that it wasn't the right time.My pack mates looked down at me and told me that I'm not a real wolf.

  "Slade stop it!I already told you what I saw.I know you saw that too.You saw that he did not like us.You saw those negative emotions showing on his eyes."

  We looked at him again and we both saw how he's happily flirting with Danna.This woman is known as the number whore in our pack.She's beautiful and sexy.She also knows how to fight,that's why many male wolves adore her so much.

  "You see?he does not care about us."

  Suddenly my wolf went silent.

  I looked at my friend who's busy eating her foods.I can't bear to hold this emotion in me alone.

  "Lani,I met my mate already."I told her.

  "Really?who is he?You're so lucky my friend.You already met your mate.Wait,why are you looking like that?Are you not happy?"

  "I will tell you some other time.I don't feel talking about it right now.I just want my best-friend to know."I explained.

  I don't know how to tell her how my mate reacted when he found out that I was his mate.

  I can't tell her who it is because everyone will definitely get disappointed when they find out that who my mate is.

  "We need to talk to him.Whoever he is,he has no right to do this to us."Slade my wolf said.I can feel that she's angry and upset at the same time.

  "Do we still need to do that?He's the man.He should approach us first."

  "If he doesn't want to approach us then I don't care.I will come and talk to him even he does not want to."

  This is one of Slade's traits that surprises me,I haven't seen her in person yet,so I don't know what kind of wolf she is.She still does not want to reveal herself to me and that's one of the reasons why everyone thinks that I'm wolf less.In some occasion,when someone tried to hurt me,she will just share her power to heal me and restore my strength.

  "Okay."I told her.

  I saw him leave the cafeteria.I think it's the right time to talk to him.

  "Let's follow him."Slade said.

  He exited the cafeteria and went to the end of the hallway where the locker rooms were.

  "Hurry up Angel."

  I stopped abruptly and stiffened in my stance because of what I'm seeing in front of me.

  "Shit!"I heard him say even though I was a few meters away from them.

  "Why did you stop?Is there a problem Gabriel?"Danna asked.

  "so that's why this traitor suddenly disappeared.He's busy flirting with that bia---'

  "Shut up Slade."I said cutting her words.

  "Danna leave."I heard Gabriel said.

  "But why?we are not done yet."Danna tried to pull Gabriel and kiss him but he avoided it.

  "I said leave!"He said angrily.Danna was surprised and quickly left.He looked at me and our eyes met again."You,come here.Let's talk."He said.

  I was in a hurry to approach him and when I was close to him he suddenly pulled me and pushed me into the locker.I felt my back hurt because of what he did but I ignored the pain.

  Again,I almost drowned in his addictive scent.I looked into his eyes and saw that it was gold,meaning his wolf was on the edge to reveal itself.But that did not last long,it suddenly returned to his normal gray eyes.

  "Gabriel,I'm hurting me,why are you doing this to me?you know who I am in your life."

  "Isn't it obvious?I don't like you.I am ashamed that you are my mate."Gabriel said.

  I was surprised by what he said.I expect him to dislike me but I didn't expect him to be like this.His words are hurtful.It broke my heart.Slade didn't like what Gabriel said.I can feel the pain and anger coming from her.

  Slade wants to control my body and talk to Gabriel and I let her.I closed my eyes and let her handle the situation.This is the first time I let her control my body and I saw Gabriel surprised when he saw it.Unlike other wolves,my eyes don't turn to gold or grey when we let our wolf take control our body or we shift.My eyes remain the same color.

  "What did you say?"Slade asked.

  Gabriel move a bit and look at us.I can see that he is having an internal battle with his wolf.I don't know what is the problem but I think his wolf wants to show himself too,but Gabriel won.His eyes became normal and those hate reflecting on it towards me shows once again.

  "I said I don't like you.I have known you since you were born in this pack,you are not fit to be my Luna."

  Yes!Gabriel is my brother Michael's best friend and the Alpha of this pack.My mate is Claw Gabriel Rennon the Alpha of Moon Crescent Pack.

  "Why?"Slade asked.

  "Because you're weak,ugly,fat little clumsy girl.I don't like you to become my Luna and take note of this,I Claw Gabriel Rennon rejected you Slade Angel Clinn as my mate and Luna of Moon Crescent pack."He said.

  My chest tightened even more because of what he said.I do not know what to do.Should I accept his rejection?I can feel the impact of his sudden rejections and it added to the pain I'm feeling right now.

  I thought it was painful already that he avoids me and flirt with Danna,but it hurts even more after Gabriel's said he rejected me.I didn't answer him and just stared blankly on his face.He gets angry and suddenly pushed me,causing me to fall to the floor.

  "If you do not accept my rejection then I don't want to see your face again.You can't tell anyone about this stupid mate thing,I forbid you.I don't want my pack to know that the Moon Goddess gave me a worthless mate like you.It's a joke,A big joke!"He said then leave me crying on the floor.

  I ran away from that place and saw my brother Michael on my way,busy talking to his circle of friends.He saw me but he ignored me and continue to chat with his friends.Our parents have been dead for a long time and he blames me for their death,actually not only him,but everyone.

  "I'm getting tired of what's happening to me in this pack.I want to leave and get away.Gabriel rejected us,Michael also doesn't like me and everyone in this pack is insulting&bullying me.I give up."I said to Slade.

  "I agree with you.They don't deserve us here.They are the stupidest wolves I ever met."

  I hurriedly ran home and prepare to leave.Before our parents died,they saved money for our future needs.This is what I will use to start a new life in a distant place.

  I will definitely miss this house,the happy memories we have together as a family.I will also miss my best friend Lani and the fun we had together.

  I hope Gabriel will be happy when I leave.He will have a woman who deserves to be his Luna.

  I looked inside my room one last time before I closed the door and then left the place where I grew up.

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